Roulette – the Mother of Casino Games

Roulette is a casino and gambling game named after the French word meaning ‘small wheel’. For decades, players all over the world have spun the ‘wheel of fortune’. The wheel is recognised internationally as a symbol of affluence and a high-stakes life style.

European roulette remains Monte Carlo’s premier gambling game. The American version of roulette – never as popular as its European counterpart – uses a double-zero roulette wheel, which lowers the odds for the player. Ironically, this type of roulette wheel is also a French invention, although European roulette is played strictly using the single-zero wheel.

With the growth of Internet gambling, the allure and kudos associated with roulette is now accessible to all. Roulette, the game that never quite made it in the U.S. now finds itself one of the hottest games in cyberspace.

The worry when the game made the transition to the Internet, was that it might lose the soul of the game and it would disappear in a puff of blue virtual smoke. People needn’t have worried. With today’s 3D casinos, roulette is very suitable for online gambling and has grown tremendously in popularity.

The luxurious surroundings of offline roulette have been superbly recreated using the latest software. Top class 3D audio and graphics can portray a fabulous atmosphere of luxury and style – so good you’d think you were in Vegas. The felt roulette table with the roulette betting grid, the spinning roulette wheel, the fall of the ball into the winning pocket – the other players at the table, the chips – all the classic elements of real casino roulette have been faithfully replicated in state of the art virtual roulette casinos.

In addition to all the benefits of virtual casino roulette players also get to enjoy all the comforts and conveniences of being to play from their own homes.

Another advantage of the online casino is the electronic linking of diverse remote sites. It is this technological breakthrough that allowed the development of Roulette Royale with its huge progressive jackpot. Each time any number repeats, the player is awarded an additional win, even if the player did not have a bet on the winning number. If the same number repeats five times in a row, you win the jackpot. And since this is a progressive jackpot game, Roulette Royale accumulates deposits from its players from all participating casinos to create one giant jackpot.

Remember though, never regard roulette as a quick way of getting rich quick – it’s simply entertainment. The game is luck and the casino always has the advantage. As the chances are that you will lose your money do make sure you have fun while playing.

By Ramond Verde
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