If you play online casino games today you can find over a thousand different gaming machines. Among them there are some unique ones, but there are also games with just a few differences. Fortunately, in normal casinos games are different. Of course, you can say that slots have a lot in common, but you can divide them into two main types: classic and video slots. The classic ones have the right to be called “one arm bandits” since all of them have a lever which reminds a raised up hand. The first slots were mechanical, they had three drums which were activated by a lever and which stopped in turn. Over time slots became automated and they were activated by simply pressing buttons. Although levers still exist, they are used more as a tribute. These slots can be seen today as well as their spinning reels, although they are operated electronically. The classic slots have usually three reels and 1 to 5 pay lines. The 3 drum slots do not usually have bonus games.

With the development of computer technology, video slots have become increasingly popular. They are a new generation gaming machines. Video slots do not have reels but screen on which these reels are simulated. The video slots include not 3 but 5 reels (some video slots have 4 or 7 reels). On each of them you can see 3 symbols at the same time (the newest versions show 5 symbols). Actually, you have 3 x 5 with 9 to 50 pay lines or 5 x 5 with up to 100 pay lines. In classic slots you win if you get the same symbols on all three reels. In video slots 2 – 3 symbols are enough, but of course, starting with the first reel. The more symbols you get, the higher the payout. Sometimes it is not even necessary the symbols to be on one line.

It is normal that new video slots are more popular due to the great graphics and many gaming opportunities. And the industry does not stop developing and constantly coming up with new versions of games. Therefore, we can say that there are 3 another types of slots:

  • AWP (Amusement with prizes) – these machines come from the UK where they are very popular in bars and pubs. They are classic slots with one line, but a player can get an extra bonus game with a great variety of different prizes. Usually the value of the prize is not as great as in video slots. Also, the game player is randomly given an opportunity to “push” the reel or “hold” it.
  • i-slots are online slots which are based on video slots but the outcome does not depend that much on chance, but on the skills of the player since the game consists of a few different games in a particular order. Besides, they have some beautiful cartoon images.
  • Special slots – these are the slots that are difficult to classify, the unusual slots. Here you can find slots with non-standard playing fields, Tetris-like games etc. Slots, similar to multi – line video poker games. There are also “cubes”(3 x 3 slots) where all cells are filled at random, and payments usually go to 8 lines: 2 diagonals, 3 horizontals and 3 verticals.