The evolution of the slot machines captured the attention on the system and the player. The game systems, which were created as a tool for tracking the game and to facilitate the calculation of winnings, today provide surveillance of the whole gaming room and can communicate with other remote systems. The usage of servers allows players to control their own games since in casinos there is an opportunity almost immediately to reconfigure the slot machines from the central server. This eliminates the need to spend time and effort in order to switch the games for each slot manually. The concept of “Guaranteed play” developed by IGT in partnership with Walker Digital, allows players to buy a certain number of turns (of the reels) or certain number of poker hands for a fixed amount of money per package.

Video slots with multiple lines and the possibility to determine the amount of the bets, 4-reel and 5-reel slots, multi-level progressive winnings, the machines that offer multi-user products and games for a whole group of players – for example, Wheel of fortune Super Spin – that’s the most popular type of gaming machines which today can be found in casino rooms worldwide. The Wheel of Fortune Super Spin has 9 video slots arranged around a giant bonus wheel, so that multiple players can participate in a bonus game.

In the same way as open computer networks have changed the way we communicate by telephone and via the internet, they will change the gaming industry as well. New technologies, access to which is provided by open networks, will allow players to experience even more fun and excitement, offering a huge range of possibilities for entertainment.