Learning how to win at online roulette and casino gambling is not difficult, just ask Stefano Hourmouzis an Australian alternative energy researcher and roulette consultant who has developed and released a one hour video demonstration of what may very well be the world’s most effective roulette system and strategy.

Not only does Stefano demonstrate approximately a +350 unit profit over an hour, an exact number hit rate of 1 in 21 is achieved which is even better than some roulette computers. The demonstration has sparked interest amongst roulette enthusiasts and casinos alike, raising questions of how his results were achieved. One might look at the possibility of a wheel bias, but no bias is apparent and his betting pattern is not consistent of exploiting such a bias. Furthermore, the wheel utilized in his demonstrations is of a modern design and level without a common ball drop point, eliminating the possibility of a dealer signature being used. Stefano even demonstrates a clear recovery from a losing streak to prove it’s not just “luck.” Was some other trick used, or is this the real thing?

While roulette is considered by most to be a random and unpredictable game, experienced roulette players understand it is in fact not random. Roulette can and is already being beaten by a number of methods including visual ballistics, roulette computers, bias analysis, and a variety of little-known wheel analysis methods. These methods are finding success both amongst players of online roulette and casino gambling. Stefano claims to have taken the known effective techniques one step further, greatly enhancing their effectiveness. In addition, he claims his energy research has led to new knowledge of predicting roulette that very few others have discovered – namely several types of patterns currently completely undetectable by any casino’s pattern analysis software.

“Absolutely every wheel generates some kind of recursive pattern that can be relied upon to increase a player’s chance of winning,” Stefano says. “It is just a question of whether not a particular wheel’s patterns are sufficiently defined to overcome the house edge. While my roulette system involves all the traditional known-effective techniques such as visual ballistics and standard wheel analysis, the core of my system is very different, and something only an energy researcher is likely to understand. If it weren’t for my work in energy development, I wouldn’t have discovered the patterns. Absolutely nothing in this universe is “random” – it’s all cause and effect, and therefore nothing is without an element of predictability.”

Can millions be won with Stefano’s system? According to him, it has already been done. While Stefano manages teams of players worldwide, he also offers his system to the public.

By Stefano Hourmouzis
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