Cake poker is a part of the network of It is an online poker room that allows players to earn a reward with cash, prizes and free tournament play. By assessing Cake Poker, poker players can ensure rewarding experience by participating in the industry leading rewards program, promotion schemes and winning a jackpot worth over $5 million on a monthly basis.

Why Cake Poker?
Cake Poker is a known poker room that offers unlimited poker gaming experience day and night. For practicing your poker skills, you can participate in the free poker tournaments and after gaining enough experience, you can start your game with real money. Beginners can earn 100% bonus up to $500 and all players can get attractive poker rakeback till 33%. The room allows players from the United States and offers interesting information including buy-in, prizes, break times, player information and starting chip stack. In addition, Cake Poker features poker glossary wherein players can get information on popular terms used while playing the game. Read the detail on poker rules and regulations to brush up your gambling skills.

Cake Poker Rakeback:
Rakeback poker plays an important role in increasing the popularity of online poker rooms. A ‘rake’ is the system of paying a part of percentage to players for choosing a particular poker room. Generally, poker rooms offer rakeback to lure players to avail their specialties. The percentage of rakeback usually varies from rooms to rooms. Players have the freedom to choose the poker room to get the most attractive deal.

If you want to earn an attractive poker rakeback deal, you need to register with a reliable and trustworthy online affiliate. An online affiliate works as a mediator between players and poker rooms. By registering with an affiliate website, you can get assured returns on a monthly basis.

So why wait? Find a reliable affiliate now and get better rakeback deals.

By Prashasti
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