Modern TV series seem to have everything for fans of their shows. The latest CGI and graphics, large budgets that can send viewers on a journey to any location in the world, at any time period of the Worlds history! As a result of that, the popularity of these series has continued to grow on the small screen; and now they’re venturing onto the world of online casino. The slot games created in honour of these programmes are outstanding, and many series’ have been re-created and are available to play on the online casinos powered by Netent. Here I will look at three television programmes, which appeal to a range of demographics, which are now available to play on the online casino. Whilst also explaining what it is about them that make them so different to the slot machines you may play on in a real-life casino.

Beverley Hills, 90210
: This American drama series that was created and first aired in 1999 followed a group of high school students based in the wealthy Californian postcode known as ‘90210.’ They have plenty of money, are all extremely attractive and it allowed viewers to escape from their often boring – mundane lives and imagine the lifestyle of the rich and famous, through the programme. Well the irony of that is? Thanks to the slot game, players can continue that escapism, except this time in the genuine hope of becoming rich. One quick spin could lead to a MASSIVE amount of winnings! With all the original characters included, escape to the beautiful world of 90210.

Game of Thrones: What is there to say about GoT that hasn’t been said before? This HUGE series of programmes follows the book created by author George R. R. Martin. The six series created since have continued to attract many fans back to watching it, earning those who create it millions and millions of pounds. It is therefore hardly a surprise that there is now a fully licensed slot game that is available to play; all based around the TV series. With characters, themes and outstanding graphics involved; it has done superbly in partnership with the programmes. If you’re a fan of the show, do go play the GoT online slot game; at least in honour of Jon Snow…

South Park: The third and final online slot game referred to in this feature is the very funny, if not sometimes controversial, South Park series. With over 250 episodes in the bag, the adult themed animation has continued to provide great humour for its loyal fan base. Now Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman can all be seen tumbling down the five reels on their official online slot game. As well as that, exclusive animations and plots are available on the game, and I’m going to keep it a secret as to what they are. Fans of the programme will have to find out what they are by playing the game. Great enjoyment is always had watching South Park, now the animation is on online casino too, I’m sure that will make a lot of people very happy indeed!

There are many other television themed slot games that are available for players on online casinos. Fans of slot games are certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to entertaining and official TV based games to play!