If asked whether anyone could come along and start to earn a living from playing poker online, the short answer I would give is YES.

I say yes is the short answer, because the answer is more complex than a simple yes. The answer would be more like: “Yes, you could make a career
from poker if you learn how to play the game very well, and understand how poker is played online.”

My name is Jack Mack. I am one of the editors of a website that is dedicated to provide quality information to the online poker player. The name of the site is Poker Online UK (http://www.pokeronlineuk.co.uk ).

I started playing poker when I was a child with my brothers and sisters; growing up in Ireland. When I was 19 I moved to Edinburgh in Scotland to
start college. In my first year I was working part time to get myself through the week. I was earning a little extra cash and decided to play some online poker for fun. I also started reading some books and articles about playing online poker. After a while I started winning more than I lost.

Towards the end of my second year I was able to pack in my job and playing poker supported me financially. By the time I finished my degree I had made a career of playing poker. Once I had more free time I started traveling to poker tournaments around the world. After a while I started getting recognized as being a pretty good player and got picked up by a poker website to play sponsored by them. I had a great time for a couple of years traveling to poker events around the globe. I made myself quite a bit of money too.

I met my wife just over a year ago and knew straight away it was time to settle down. Now my traveling days are over and I stick to playing poker online.

I’ve teamed up with a few friends I met playing poker online to build a website that is dedicated to informing the potential online poker player of
the best places to play poker online. Our site is a review site of the top poker sites/poker rooms to play on. It also has pages describimg poker rules and Texas Holem rules. We’ve also came up with a glossary of poker terms, and we have a page where you can find poker bonus codes (http://www.pokeronlineuk.co.uk/poker-bonus-codes.htm ) so that if you do decide to start playing poker online you get some free money with your first deposit. On the homepage of this poker overview site there are links to the various poker sites, and when you sign up and make your first deposit using most of these links you will get your free bonus automatically.

This article and the comments on the Poker Online UK website are the opinions of the editors of Poker Online UK, and hence are to be taken as
opinion, and not to be taken as legal or financial advice.

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Jack Mack
Jack is a keen UK poker player dedicated in spreading poker fever to help game players gain the passion that he has for the beautiful game of poker.

By Jack Mack
Jack Mack

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