Roulette is an exciting game that has been a favourite among notable gambling fans since the 18th century. No wonder it is rumoured that a young Napoleon Bonaparte was mesmerized by its creator’s ingenuity – in making the game so captivating, that he spent a chunk of his time in Monte Carlo playing it. It is a gambling game known for its simple design and how effective it is in stirring up nervousness and excitement within its players. This is one reason why most casinos dedicate a large portion of their floor to just the game and its players.

Initially, roulette started as a conventional game played in real life where players get to see, touch and feel the table (and wheel if you’re allowed). That meant players had to visit casinos to play roulette; this can be a pain sometimes especially if you don’t leave in a region where casinos are present or where gambling is legal. However, nowadays with the advent of the internet, you can play roulette online without leaving your home or office. This type of roulette if often referred to as Online Roulette.

If you’ve ever played roulette in a casino, you’ll come to understand that online roulette gives you just as much thrill and captivation as the conventional ones. The only difference is, you don’t get to see the dealer, other players, or the noise and constant movement you’d normally see within casinos.

Now that it is clear how closely similar (if not the same) online roulette is to conventional roulette, it’s time to understand how to play and win. The following paragraphs are aimed as describing the rules of the game and how to win at online roulette.

How to Play Online Roulette

Roulette allows players choose multiple bet types, including several varieties of ‘inside’ bets, ‘outside bets’, ‘straight up’ bets as well as double and column bets. These combinations provide an array of strategies and betting possibilities. Which means understanding how each can help or hurt your online roulette game is essential before you throw your chips on the table.

How to Win at Online Roulette

Neither a wheel nor a ball remembers the past. That is: you are just as likely to hit ten blacks in a row as you are to hit ten reds. The implication here is that there’re no exact strategies for winning at online roulette. While that may be relatively true when compared with online casino games like Poker or Blackjack, it does not mean that there are not certain principles that govern the game and betting behaviours that determine who wins and who loses in the long run. Find those principles and see how easy it is to win with online roulette.

One way to increase your odds when playing online roulette is to always choose a European table. American tables have an extra zero slot which doubles the house edge from around 2.8% to 5.6%. This means you are twice as likely to lose money than with playing at a european table.

By Adam Kingston
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