For all the Online Bingo playing ladies around the world, do the following statements reflect your outlook on life?

Hair – You will always have a bad hair today at some point in time but, you’ll always have a good Bingo day.

Drugs – Bingo is more addictive that smoking, drinking or chocolate and is less harmful.

Reading – You will eventually have to put a good book down but, you’ll never have to finish playing Bingo.

Sex – Playing Online Bingo will never let you down and always leave you feeling satisfied afterwards.

Romance – Is only in your dreams, but Bingo is for real.

Work – This is something you have to do but, with Bingo, it’s something you want to do.

Money – it’s not about the money, its about playing the game, people and fun.

Friends – Your friends may not always be there for you or understand you but, Online Bingo is always there waiting for you.

FaceBook – You can only socialise with Facebook but, with Bingo you can play and socialise at the same time.

X Factor – Online Bingo has it. There is no competition and there is no-one to judge it but you.

Weather – If the weather is bad, Bingo is always good.

Football – You can live without it but, not without your Bingo. Bingo will always give you a better outcome no matter what the result.

Music – Bingo is always music to your ears and you can play and listen to both at the same time. Why sacrifice one for the other.

Exercise – Is a lot of hard work, you never have the time for it and you only feel good for short period of time afterwards, but with Bingo you will always get some good mental exercise, you’ll always find time for it and you will always feel good for days on end.

Men – you never understand them but, Bingo is perfectly clear.

Lottery – You have more chances of winning bingo games than playing the lottery.

Love – You know when your in love but, you LOVE Bingo.

TV Soaps – You watch them but, you can’ play them.

Holidays – You can’t relax because you will always want to hurry back to play Bingo.

Life – God may have created life but, women created Bingo, because without them there would not be any. And when life gets you down you can always cure yourself with your favourite pastime Online Bingo.

So, there you have it ladies. If you agree with a least half of the above statements then you’re are true genuine Online Bingo addict and need no Psychotherapeutic help. Just carry on doing what you enjoy and do best: playing Online Bingo.

By alx
Alx is the webmaster for the Online Bingo Portal website Bingo Online, which offers news, reviews, a Bingo directory, new bingo sites and promotion bonuses.