The first live was successful in leading all the others that followed towards an innovative run of online casino gaming. It wasn’t easy for the first ever live online casino to start a new trend without certainly that it will catch on. The trend was also in danger of several technical difficulties as it involved web casting technology, which is quite vulnerable. But DublinBet, as the first online casino that introduced the live dealer feature braved all these challenges and created what proved to be a breakthrough. Soon enough, several other online casinos followed suit. And finally, the live dealer feature was well on its way to becoming the hottest thing on the Internet. And there is a reason, too.

The first live casino opened up doors to an interactive gaming experience where online players can play and communicate with the dealers that lead the game. Through a video feed of real casino games, the player gets to play a full-featured casino game, complete with sounds and secure results. A lot of online casino players were unsure about the security of online casinos, which is the reason why a lot of people find online casinos appropriate for fun play, but not for real money games. But with the arrival of live dealer games, there was no reason to doubt the accuracy of game results. All the games are based on actual results, so there’s no way you’ll get beaten by a computer without you even getting a chance. With the live dealer feature, you can be sure you are playing with fate itself, and you will be even more motivated.

The vision for this inspired innovation started when the Internet was found to be a possible stage for online gambling. It did not take long for people to finally find a way to put the gamble online, and Microgaming came up with the first ever online casino software. At first, it was mainly about gaming, but no about gambling, since allowing monetary gambling online was still not possible. But when a company called CryptoLogic came up with a way to make monetary gambling possible, the rest was history. Online casinos finally broke ground. A lot of online casinos became popular, and people all over the world started playing online, making online gambling a popular hobby. But something was still missing, and it was what finally led people to want more than just online games.

And finally, with the advent of webcam technology, the live dealer games became possible. Online casinos picked three top favorite games and created fantastic live games out of them. From just the ordinary online game, they added a small window that showed the webcast with live sounds. They also installed the live chat feature, to make gaming even more interactive. With it, players can easily communicate with the live dealers even in the middle of a game. The live dealer version of the three most played casino games is available. These games are baccarat, black jack, and roulette. Now, when people want to play these games online, the ordinary online version is just not enough anymore. Now, the live dealer feature just makes the experience complete. And such is the magic of the first live casino that broke the scene and changed it for the better.

By Dan Roberts II
Dan writes original informative articles about many of the live casinos that are now available in the UK ans in Europe. You can even play live roulette with real live dealers from your home.