If you’re looking for the best online roulette game, don’t do what I did first time I played online! What happened – well basically I managed to find one of the very few crooked casinos on the internet. Let me tell you it was not an enjoyable experience and luckily I figured out what was going on before I lost too much money. The damage was about $400 but much more to my pride.

Let me explain what happened just so you might be able to avoid the same situation. I came in from a pleasant evening out and sat down at my computer looking for a decent online roulette game. It’s a game I always find fun and it doesn’t require too much concentration if you don’t fancy something with a little more skill. Well I did a few checks and came across a casino that looked pretty good and it was offering a rather tempting 400% bonus on my first deposit.

I figured I could get some fun for that amount of money at the very least and with a reasonable amount of luck should be able to turn a nice profit. So I checked out the free game and made sure it was a European roulette wheel (which has a single zero and much better odds for you), the game even has La Partage so the odds were even better. I played for about half an hour on the free game and won loads of virtual cash – not wanting to waste my winning streak I quickly made a deposit and collected my bonus stake and started playing.

Things started quite well, I was quite enjoying the game, the software wasn’t too good but I’d played on worst. I then started to lose a little so started to change my betting strategy and switch to some simpler outside bets. As the game went on I was losing quite a bit of money and was getting increasingly suspicious about the spins. Now I know enough about odds that you can get some extremely strange patterns and distributions on roulette wheels – which is why Martingale system is a very bad idea, however sometimes you just get the impression something is not quite right.

When you’ve played as much roulette as I have you can usually sense when your luck is against you, but at this online casino I felt it was more than luck. I cashed and did some research, after going through a few new group posts and picking up a trail on ‘ wizardofodds.com’ I found a few posts also suggesting I had found something that could not be described as the best online roulette but more crooked online roulette.

I had managed to find a rigged online casino, I should have guessed when I was winning too much in the free casino – always a bad sign when someone is prepare to twist the odds to draw you in. Fortunately this particular casino has been closed down and if you stick to big name roulette games then you are perfectly safe. I have been put off casino generated wheels now though and my best online roulette games are on real roulette wheels in a real casino.

By John Greenhoff
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Remember to have fun and gamble sensibly