There are very few of us who are not up for a cerebral challenge. Television is filled with quiz shows that challenge the minds of their contestants as well as the huge audiences at the tapings and those watching on the tube. In the popular game, the Price is Right; contestants try to guess the prices of such items as appliances, automobiles and trips to far-away destinations. In the popular game show, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, contestants answer questions of ascending difficulty as they work themselves to the grand prize, a million dollars.

The online casino industry is well aware of the necessity to present a game that challenges the mental acuity of players. For years, the online blackjack game has served this purpose. The online blackjack game remains at the top of the heap as far as popularity is concerned because it offers its players a great opportunity to affect the outcome of the contest through implementation of skillful blackjack strategy.

Since the online blackjack game outcome is determined ultimately by mathematical percentage of likely outcomes, there are defined and statistically proven strategies that should be employed, depending on your cards and the card that is showing in the dealer’s hand. The trick is to know when to keep playing and when to fold your cards, or hold your present hand – these strategies will allow you to recoup a player return of greater than 99% when you play an online blackjack game.

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