The “premium” tables are located in the baccarat pit. Haifa-dozen blackjack tables cater to the elite of the gaming world. Minimums start at $100 and head up sharply. The elegant game of badcarat, where minimums starts at $25 and maximums can soar to more than $1 million, often loses its charm when players’ losses mount, turning them surly and sullen. A “French” roulette wheel–a table with simply a single “0” instead of the less favorable “00”–waits for the knowledgeable high roller to try his luck.

Consider a casino like you would a supermarket. You know that you have to go to the back of the store to buy milk. Everyone needs milk, and it is often priced as a loss-leader to get the customers in the door. The supermarket executives want you to walk by all the high-profit items to get to that milk so you’ll buy other items on impulse.

The same is true in a casino. The best-paying slot machines are usually difficult to find. You have to hunt for them, and many players will simply give up and play the machine that is the most convenient. This machine is most likely one of the lowest paying machines in the house.

The same tactics apply for table games. What do you see when you first enter the table-game area? The Big Six wheel, the money wheel, or the wheel of fortune, whatever it’s called in that casino, it is there click-clacking its illusory message. The odds are so terrible for this game, that the casino generally keeps half the money played on this table. But walk down the aisle toward the back of the casino, and you may find a very favorabh blackjack table that has rules that almost favor the player.

Casino executives consider themselves successful when they can convince players to leave their inhibitions at the door, suspend their perception of time, and create a new and exciting reality–even if it is a fantasy.


People have varying reasons for gambling. For most people, it’s the excitement of the game, the escape from day-to-day reality, and the thrill of a potential cash windfall. h’s called “casino entertainment” these days because many people are willing to accept a reasonable ioss in exchange for a few hours of action at the machines or the tables.

The ioss is the price for that excitement, not unlike the price you’d pay for a ticket at a sporting event. The thing that makes casino entertainment different is that you a1vays have the chance to get that excitement and still come out winner. It’s a version of the “something for nothing” factor which could be a sub-plot to the American Dream.

Since luck is involved in almost every gaming decision, ic important to go into the games with the right attitude. Whih some people are willing to accept a reasonable loss for reasonable amount of gambling time, it would be a misiak to begin your playing session by writing off your bankroll.

Positive thinking works wonders in real life, so there’s no reason it can’t be successfully utilized in the casino environment. Other people travel to a casino with one goal:
to win. Entertainment, doesn’t enter into their thought process, their only satisfaction will come from beating the house. More often than not, these types of players go home disappointed, and often bitter, about their casino experience. While many people with this mindset have prepared for their casino challenge by studying and practicing, reality very rarely mirrors the ideal conditions they anticipated during their practice sessions. Gambling near a person of this sort can sometimes be unpleasant, as they often take a hostile attitude towards casino personnel and other players.

This is not to say you shouldn’t play to win. It’s simply that the expectation to win every time is not realistic, given the hefty casino advantage in almost every game.


Casinos can be imposing, overwhelming places. Other, more experienced players can often make a newcomer feel intimidated and unwelcome. These situations can easily be avoided by knowing the basics of casino etiquette.

For many new players, the slot machines are the most familiar and the least threatening of all the games in a casino. It’s easy to buy some coins and sit for hours in front of one machine pumping in the money. In fact, most modem slot machines now have bill acceptors that make coins and any contact with a “change person” (a casino employee who sells rolls of coins or tokens) obsolete.

The bill acceptors will take any denomination of bill from $1 to $20 and above. After inserting the bill, the machines will most likely register credits on the machine rather than spit nut the corresponding number of coins or tokens. If you prefer to play with coins, however, it’s simply a matter of hitting the “cash out” button, that will spill the coins into the payout tray of the slot machine.

Choosing the slot machine to play is generally as simple as deciding what denomination you want to play. Remember two things: the larger the denomination, the larger the payout to the player; slot machines are programmed to win.

casino executives love slot machines, which is a good reason why you should not. In the past 20 years, the percentage of casino revenue derived by slot machines have changed places with table games. It used to be that the table games accounted for over 60 percent of casino revenue. Slot machines were provided for their entertainment value and aimed at the wives of the table game players.

Things began to change as table game players got older, and began to disappear. The newer casino customers weren’t comfortable with table games, but did respond to the more modern and recognizable slot machines. With ATM machines, computers and televisions an ingrained part of our culture, slot machines became the choice of many of the casinos’ younger customers.

Today, slot machines account for over 60 percent of casino revenue. In some jurisdictions, it’s even higher. Table games, meanwhile, have undergone a dramatic decline in interest. Players continue to disappear. and developing new table game players is costly for the casinos, and not as profitable as simply letting them find their way to the slot machines.

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