Poker is widely known as the ultimate game of chance. Regardless of your particular choice of the game, be it Texas Hold ’em, blackjack, five card stud, or any other variation of this, there is a chance to win and a chance to lose, depending upon the cards dealt to you. Nevertheless, the intelligent player can effectively take a good amount of the “chance” out of the game, if he or she knows the right way to approach the game itself.

Initially, most people approach gambling by taking a look at the odds in the format of individuals playing. When approaching a table at your favorite casino, local game, or online poker gaming site, most people consider that the odds work on a numerical standard of players. You are one individual. If you are playing against another single person, then the odds are split, fifty-fifty. If, however, you are playing against four people, the odds of your getting the winning hand are quadrupled. Now you only have a twenty five percent chance of winning. The small the group of gamblers, the higher your chance of winning. This is the popular view. What most people rarely take into consideration, however, is that these same odds are equally effective on the negative end. To put it simply, this win-to-lose ratio also works in losing. Someone has to win and someone has to lose. More money can be lost quicker with only two players and you have a higher (fifty percent) chance of losing.

To really become an effective gambler, you must consider the odds of the cards and the “tells” of your opponent. In the cards, consider how many face cards there are against simple numerical cards. If the entire table is covered with numerical cards and there is only one face card showing, then there is a good chance that your next card might be a face card.

Then, we have the “tell.” This is a word used to describe a certain movement, expression, or anything else that one does when he or she is bluffing. Virtually everyone has one, but most are difficult to see. Some individuals give away their bluffs by blinking faster. Others have certain hand movements. It can be any physical movement at all, on any part of the body. Do not rely on the expression on someone’s face unless you are certain that it is their tell. Most professional gamblers have what is referred to as a “game face,” wherein they have trained themselves to keep a stony expression.

Inevitably, it all comes down to your notice of details. If you know what cards are on the table, what hasn’t been played, and carefully take in every detail of your opponents actions and reactions, then you too can walk away a winner at the game of pokern.

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