Internet Bingo Industry to Promote Responsible Gaming Awareness Day

Statistically problem gambling among internet bingo players is slight when compared to other casino games. Occasionally a news story will surface about a problem bingo player but these incidents are relatively rare. In the UK the internet bingo industry has partnered with other online gaming sectors to promote a Responsible Gaming Awareness Day which will take place October 19th. The date was set to coincide with the upcoming GamCare conference. GamCare provides online and phone support for problem gamblers and also offers counseling services.

The internet bingo industry in partnership with the online gaming industry will conduct an extensive marketing and publicity campaign in advance of Responsible Gaming Awareness Day. The Bingo Association along with GamCare will be producing leaflets and posters that will be placed in gaming halls and bingo clubs throughout the UK.

It has been reported that many UK based internet bingo sites have taken advantage of new software that allows internet bingo players to exclude themselves from an internet bingo website for a set period of time. The software in on internet bingo sites using Globalcom bingo software provided by

If an internet bingo player should exercise the self exclusion option they cannot log into their internet bingo account removing the temptation to gamble. Most online punters, including internet bingo players, play responsibility but the industry recognizes that it can be problematic for some players. Most players are perfectly capable to control the amount of time and money they spend on internet gaming.

In the UK there are two prominent websites that offer help for the problem player, GamCare and V. Both of these websites offer advice, counseling and other services and referrals for problem gamblers. Prior to Responsible Gaming Awareness Day the internet bingo industry will engage in a media campaign designed to get their message out to all internet bingo players.

Software identifying problem gamblers is now being used by some gaming websites including internet bingo sites. Fortunately bingo does not attract many problem gamblers and is viewed as a relatively innocuous form of gambling. Because of free bingo bonuses bingo offers players more ‘bang for their buck.’ A bingo deposit bonus can be as high as 300% allowing players to triple their deposits. Bingo is popular in both the US and the UK but US players are handicapped by government regulations regarding online gaming. Despite the regulations US players continue to enjoy their favorite online game.

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