Casinos want to take your money, even if you are not rich and only come to the casino with 50 dollars to play the nickel slots the casinos want your money, and if you complain about something they will offer you at the very least a free meal in one of the casinos restaurants just to make you happy. The louder you complain the more you will usually get, but make sure no to get to loud or they will have you removed for making a scene in the casino.

Let them know you are coming:
A casino is a business and no matter how much money they make they are always looking to make more. If you call a casino and tell them you are going to be going to a casino they will often offer you free nights in the hotel free tickets to shows and depending on how convincing you are thy may even offer you free chips in hopes to bring you to their casino. It is common for a casino to have empty rooms so it is no loss for them to offer you a room that was just going to sit empty in hopes of you coming and spending some money in the casino.

Free Room:
Many casinos give players free alcohol to loosen them up with the hoes they will spend more money and the more they drink the worse their judgment will get and they will lose more money to the casinos, but if a players leaves the casino gets into his car and gets into an accident everyone involved with the accident has a case against the casino. So many casinos will give a drunken player a room at no charge for the night because it is cheaper then a multi million dollar lawsuit.

Reward Programs:
If you want the casinos to give you free things you do not have to try and scam them, all you really have to do is lose a lot of money. The more money you lose to the casinos the more player points they will give you towards free meals and room deals, and if you come often enough you will find the casino sending you vouchers for a free night at the casino and if you use it they will send you another every month until the first time you do not use it. To get these things just look for the reward program desk at the casino, they all have one and it is usually easy to find. Then all you have to do is give your card to the dealer when you first sit at a table and every bet win and lose is recorded on the card and the more you bet the more points you get, and when you lose you get even more points.

Loans are not free:
Make sure that whatever they give you is a freebie and not a loan. Sometime the casino will offer a good customer free chips to play with and sometimes they will extend a customer credit. Make sure you know what you are being offered. If they are offering you credit, do not accept it unless you can pay it back. Running out on a casino after accepting credit can be very dangerous. There are many laws in place to protect the casinos from this and the casinos have the money to throw around to lawyers if they decide to make your life difficult they have the money to do it.

The casinos know that if they offer to give someone a free room for the night they will probably spend more in the casinos. The room does not cost the casino money, if they have a full house of paying customers they will not be giving out free rooms. These were rooms that were not rented for the night. Why not give up a 100 dollar dinner if it means you may drop 300 in the casino and all you have to do is know how to ask.

By Nick Oleflog
Nick Oleflog is a big fan of gambling in Online Casinos and loves making a living writing reviews for games like Bingo and Baccarat.