Bingo has such a long history and has been played for so many moons that some may be surprised to see it’s legality coming into question. Many places have exceptions for bingo and, as time passes, this allowance is slowly coming under more and more scrutiny. In the new millennium we find motivated groups for and against gambling, battling it out in the court rooms and with their plea to the uninvolved public to see their side and maybe join in a battle to sway the law and sway opinion on whether to bingo or not to bingo.

Bingo has gotten around gambling laws in a number of ways. It can be argued that it is a game of skill; you must keep track of the numbers which are being called out and also be able to respond fast. Some will argue it is only games of pure chance that it should be illegal for people to put money on because they are considered dangerous to the financial well being of members of the community. People against gambling in general point out the nature of bingo not being as hardcore as other forms of gambling which get people lulled into the act together with increasing the risk of addiction.

When they play with their friends, and they are all having fun, they attach the the fun value to the risk taking. When a chance is provided they are ultimately taking more risks, leaving them less likely to make a good decision when confronted with other gambling opportunities. Gambling addiction can ruin a person financially if you are not careful. Know your limits and only gamble at licensed casinos or in licensed bingo halls. Some of the Bingo halls are not legal under the present laws and are hiding information about purchasing items to get cards for their patrons.

There are two things you should check when playing bingo online. Make sure that any page which asks to enter sensitive information starts with “https://” and it may also be worth checking to see if they are registered with a gambling regulatory body.

By Stebee
You can offset any risk brought about when playing online bingo by trying the game out first. Websites like Mecca Bingo will let you play bingo for free before you play for cash and potentially end up with a gambling problem… In the sense that you just lost all your money!