Based on the popularity of the game of Wheel of Fortune, markets are flooded over by the slot machines of wheel of fortune. Be it the world of attraction, Las Vegas or the wonderful Atlantic city, wheel of fortune slot machine are acquiring most of the spaces in casinos. This has certainly given a boost to the International Game Technology.

The only thing required is hitting the exact combination in order to activate the bonus spin. Once this has been done, the wheel of fortune placed above this machine gets switched on. The machines have been provided with some keys, which upon pressing award you according to your luck. The amount can be anything in between 25 coins to the maximum amount, depending upon what it is. Generally the maximum amount is a jackpot, but many slots have thousand bucks as the prize.

Wheel of fortune is such a big attraction to people that passing by people stop when the wheel of fortune is spinning. There is an incident when an elderly got the jackpot without even hitting the wheel. In spite of that, he was disappointed that he did not get to hit the wheel. If you have to hit the bonus spin, you are supposed to stake maximum number of coins as per every spin. The maximum amount required differs from machine to machine. Make sure that you check before playing what is the maximum amount you are supposed to bet.

There is one more version where many players can play on the same slot. It is really spectacular, when people are surrounding the board praying for the wheel to stop at their respective number. After a long period of waiting, International Game Technology has brought in to the market the multi level version of the game, which has directly entered the hall of fames in Las Vegas. It has now become really popular among people playing there.

The name of Wheel of Fortune is itself a trademark; so many casinos have these games under their own names. Many such games are now available online. These may be either 5-line or 3-line. Most spectacular ones are 5-lines which have as much as twenty pay lines and the bets can range from less than a dollar up to ten dollars. And the jackpots are worth millions of dollars. This gives the exact same feel of the television series.

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