Everyone still wants to have an active mind when they are elderly and some parents even try to increase brain power in their

children when they are still in the womb! Some child development experts believe that a fetus will grow into a more

intelligent child if it hears Mozart being played. There is no scientific proof of this but it won’t do any harm. There is an

obsession amongst some parents to force feed knowledge to their children. This hot housing, as it’s known, is done by showing

flash cards to infants who can barely talk yet.

It’s a sad fact that we lose brain cells, as we get older. We start to notice it in little ways, such as going into a room

and forgetting what we went in for. Remembering people’s names and appointments can also be problematic. There are some

products on the market that make claims to increase brain power. They usually involve some sort of memory activity.

The medical establishment doesn’t really know why some people’s minds deteriorate at a faster rate than others but the

consensus is that staying mentally active is very important. It shouldn’t be left until we retire either. Those gray cells

need a work out when we are middle aged. Activities such as doing the crossword, sudoku and other puzzle games are all

helpful. Games like chess and backgammon can also help to increase brain

power. The brain is like any other muscle. It will shrivel with lack of use. Set yourself challenges. Learn a new skill

such as a new language. Children are on hand to teach complex computer games to the young at heart.

Some people believe that diet is also an important factor and fish oil is recommended. A school in the UK recently conducted

an experiment. They got permission from the parents to give fish oil tablets to the students. The teachers reported a

remarkable improvement in the alertness and standard of work from those taking the tablets. That doesn’t explain why fish

have a three minute memory! The brain can’t be expected to do its job if the body isn’t receiving the sufficient amount of

vitamins and minerals. We are bound to be sluggish if we constantly fill ourselves with fast food. Exercise is important too

if you want to increase brain power. Mind and body working together is the best way to keep the brain ticking.

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