In this article I will tell you about several roulette tools which come with an embedded money simulator. Before to get to the description of such module and to explain what it do I will tell you more about online casinos. Each online casino offer to their players two type of games: fun mode and money mode.
In generally all is the same but here exist a little difference. To win in money mode is harder than in fun mode.
Why? All is simple to explain. Real money mode has another RNG or better to say a true random RNG.
For all who don’t know, online casino RNG module is a piece of software, which is responsible for numbers generation process, so the numbers you will receive in online casino are generated exactly by such module.
Now let discuss a little about game process. So to play on online roulette, players make different roulette strategies and apply them for testing first of all in fun mode. In case of good results, the players use the same strategy also in money mode but the results always differ from the results received when they played in fun mode.
Why this happen?
This is simple to explain. Online casino use different RNG for fun and money mode.
How to develop a proper strategy for the money mode?
Most of the players think that to develop a strategy for money mode they will need a real balance. I want to tell you that this is possible even with 0 $ online casino balance. Sure this is possible if in this task you will be helped by some professional online roulette tools. Simple to say I mean that you need a roulette tool with an embedded real money simulator. Once you have it all is simple. You make a strategy and test it directly in money mode using a real money simulator.
Will this help you to win guaranteed on online roulette?
At least this will help you to not lose or better to say this money simulator is responsible to protect your money.
Let start with the next thing: you have a strategy and want to use it in order to make money on online roulette.
Before to use it for real money you will load it into your money simulator and will test it many times.
During the tests you will count the profit and only after this you may feel secure to try it also for money.
In case the strategy you tested gave you negative results then we don’t recommend using it in real money mode.
So this is how real money simulator will help you to protect your money.
Where I can found roulette tools with an embedded real money simulator?
I suppose on this market may exist many such roulette tools but here I want to tell you about the biggest worldwide roulette tools provider for all online roulette players.
I talk about Money Maker Machine Network where you can enter and choose the roulette tools will suit the best your needs. There are up to 16 products you can choose from and one of them for sure will suit the best your needs. The tools can be used for different online casinos platforms like: Playtech, Real Time Gaming, Microgaming and even BetVoyager with No Zero Roulette without house edge. For players who want to play on non RNG roulette we even may recommend roulette tools designed for Live Roulette. Finally all is up to you.
Offered roulette tools come with different roulette strategies based as on palettes as on roulette scripts so all will depend on the strategy you want to use. If it has average complexity then palette structure is enough for this. In case you have a strategy with high complexity then only roulette script structure will help you to automate it.
Another useful feature of all MMM Products are auto play module. By this I mean these tools can automate fully any of your online roulette strategies. So doesn’t matter if you a newbie or advanced roulette player. These roulette tools are for all and this is very simple to explain. If you are newbie then possible you will start with the products based on simple roulette strategies. In one day you will become an average roulette player and this mean you will look for something more complex and this mean you will need roulette scripts because only them are capable to play strategies based on all roulette elements.
If you want to know more about Money Maker Machine and about it products, then I recommend to read more about us on our site and to request from us a free remote real time presentation of all our products.

By Matthew
Company: Money Maker Machine