Bingo halls are something to experience at least once in life for the atmosphere, the fun of the game and naturally the chance to win some money. The funny calls of the bingo host and the buzz in the hall, which is not packed only with older people; in fact there is an increase in younger players. It is as if the effect of the online bingo trend found on the best bingo sites is having a knock on effect on the original model- the bingo hall. Some of the best bingo sites even supply you with a bingo caller to make the experience as realistic as possible. Other bingo sites make up for it with amazing visuals and excellent bonuses and prizes.

The best bingo sites give you the opportunity to try out the free game online and many people do this first and then when they feel ready move onto the game where there is plenty of real money to be won. Here are the seven main things you need to know as a beginner to bingo sites:

1. In order to be able to play on the best bingo sites you will need to be a registered member.

2. Initial registration is usually free but there are sites that require you to pay for the maintenance of their site.

3. The majority of the best bingo sites will let you play the free games for a while however, if you want to join the waging tables, you are required to make a deposit to your account. Depending on the table you want to bet, there can be different deposit amounts.

4. After making a deposit, bonuses are given for extra points and privileges, of which everyone can avail.

5. Online bingo games are automatic so you do not need to shout, unless you want to just for the fun! The computer itself will announce when you win.

6. There are interactive bingo games on some of the best bingo sites which require you to shout long before others do.

7. Only 18 years old and above are allowed to play the game online.

Whatever your situation is, if you are completely new to bingo online or offline, young, slightly older, girl of boy the one thing you will find is that there are mountains of possible bingo sites. The skill that has gone into creating these best bingo sites means that they are aimed equally at the game lovers and newcomers. In your own home you can grab yourself a drink and some cigarettes if you are that way inclined, and dress up or down as much as you like. The bingo sites also have great chat rooms so while you are online you can meet some new people.

If you are a newcomer it is important to realise first of all that there are different types of games normally 75, 80 and 90 balls and certainly at the beginning it is a wise idea to choose one of these and get to know it well. Read up about the basics beforehand and remember that it is a game of luck not of skill, one of things that makes it such fun and also relaxing.

The best bingo sites will enhance the experience even more for you with the quality of their sites and last but not least, the fact that you can win real money on the bingo sites.

By Jackie De Burca
Jackie De Burca is co-owner of CWA Europe and writes articles for i-love-bingo, a website reviewing all major UK online bingo sites. The website’s aim is to constantly search for new bingo sites and to provide visitors with impartial reviews and guides so that they don’t need to spend time searching for the best bingo sites and therefore have the time to play more.