The increasing popularity of online gambling has created a storm in the world of gaming and betting. However, the biggest ongoing debate these days is about the legal status of online gambling. As you hear different things from different sources, it becomes difficult to decide what the truth is. And knowing the truth of this matter is of supreme importance to anyone who enjoys either the thrill of casino like games of chance, or the high of sports betting. After all, you don’t want to win big, and have your winnings confiscated by the government as illegal, or worse, end up being prosecuted for having a little harmless fun!

So what is the truth after all? The fact is, unfortunately, that it’s not that simple. One cannot give you a blanket statement saying its either legal or illegal. Different states of the union have different laws regarding online gambling even at the best gambling sites. In addition, laws regarding betting or playing at the best gambling sites differ from country to country. So, depending on where you are physically located, and where your best gambling site is hosted, the legal status of your bet may vary. In the United States for example, the federal wire ct prohibits any kind of electronic transmission of information for sports betting, especially over the phone, the Internet, or any other form of telecommunication. However, according to a 2002 ruling of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, The Federal Wire Act does not apply the same embargo on online gambling involving casino games and other such games of chance.

However, as with most things, various states have different laws that place prohibitions on gambling of any kind on the Internet. In addition, it is illegal to own even one of the best gambling sites in the US without the proper and appropriate licensing. As a rule, online gaming licenses are not currently being issued by any of the states.

The concerns are twofold, problem gambling, and money laundering. The government is concerned that the easy nature of access to best gambling sites online makes it easier for people to get addicted, leading to an increase in problem gambling. In addition, since the Internet is a place of anonymity, and money transfers are anonymous and protected by encryption, it is not only difficult, but close to impossible to trace people engaging in these games and transactions to facilitate online money laundering. As a result, a number of the best gambling sites have had to suspend real money gambling for their US customers. Since 2005 however, states like North Dakota have tried to legalize some online games such as poker, and are ready to regulate the operators of those games in their home states. The 2007introduction of the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act has helped to provide a possibility for the licensing of the best Internet gambling sites. The same year, the Skill Game Protection Act was introduced, to legalize Internet and casino games that involve skill such as poker or chess.

As for the rest of the world, it is legal for Australian residents to play online poker or casino games at the best gambling sites, and even bet on sports online. In many countries of the European Union and the Caribbean too, a number of the games involved in online gambling are legal.

By Kesh K
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