Do you often go to casinos and play your favorite card games or slots? How much money you’re willing to spend just to earn BIG, $500, $800 or $1000? It doesn’t matter what’s your answer but one thing for sure, you have a gambling problem. Even you denied it for many times, you’re still the one who will suffer from it. If you’re thinking that gambling is not bad, you’re definitely mistaken. At first, it’s an exciting recreation but later on will turned into addiction and destroyed your life. It’s not yet the end. You can still change and bring back all the things that you’ve lost. All you need it to face the truth and admit that you have a gambling problem. There’s nothing wrong with it.

Seeking help for gambling addiction is no longer a problem. There are a lot of books out there or chat lessons on the internet. You can invest your money and get rid of your situation right now. Since you’re the one that enter the world of “greed” and “evil”, you’re also the one who can resolve it. Just face the reality and remove the word “luck” in your life. Actually, it doesn’t exist. We’re the one who make our luck and we can’t find it buy placing our bets to poker games, baccarat or lotteries. Wake up from this nightmare! There are thousands if not millions of card combinations and winning the game is definitely unpredictable.

So what causes gambling addiction? Based on studies, there are actually 8 major causes of compulsive gambling and these are not beneficial at all. Knowing the causes of your problem is the number one thing that you should consider in solving the problem. Check these out.

1. Gambling is exciting – It is said the every time you play gambling games the adrenaline rush makes you fee good. As time goes by, this good feeling turns into addiction.

2. Poor social life, empty syndrome, job dissatisfaction, loneliness and boredom – these are the areas that cause gambling addiction. They’re thinking that gambling will only the solution for these problems.

3. Huge jackpots – many gamblers are thinking that if they place high bets they’ll surely win huge jackpots. But then, this scenario didn’t happen instead, they’ve lost a lot. And once they’re winning most gamblers are greedy so they can opt for higher amounts.

4. To escape from emotional and psychological pain – this is true especially for those who mostly play lotteries, slot machines and online gambling.

5. Easy money – instead of a pastime, many people make a career out of it which is definitely not good.

6. A long string of wins – as they continuously win they’ll not stop. Most gamblers are thinking that they’re always lucky.

7. People with anxiety or depression – depressed people are regularly seen in casinos hoping that they’ll overcome it for playing gambling slots.

8. People who has a “gambler” relative – this is very common in towns wherein gamblers are tempting their son or their cousin to play such games telling that they’ll earn BIG.

Even you have the greatest programs to overcome gambling addiction it will be useless unless you learn to remove these things in your life. Learn to have some fun with your friends or having a date with your girlfriend. In this way, you’ll able to realize that there are a lot of things that can make you happy aside from gambling. More importantly, you’ll able to know that gambling is no longer beneficial.

By aksolallu
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