Blackjack is as much a game of chance as it is of skill. It is one of the few casino table games where you can actually learn to develop an effective method of knowing when the best time is to increase your bet depending on the house advantage at the particular juncture of the game. In addition, there are a few other techniques that you can implement that will give you a greater chance of winning, in essence making Blackjack a beatable game. Here we present you with a few books that can significantly improve your Blackjack game.
Best Blackjack: by Frank Scoblete

In this excellent Blackjack guide, the author shares some valuable Blackjack tips and techniques in an easy to understand manner that Blackjack players of all levels will have no trouble following. A tremendously useful book for both beginning Blackjack players as well as the more experienced ones, Blackjack games such as double exposure and over under are also covered in detail.

Blackjack: Take the Money and Run: by Henry Tamburin

This book is a great resource for casual casino players that want to get started playing and winning casino blackjack effectively and successfully. This book is divided into 3 different playing strategies according to beginner, intermediate and advanced Blackjack player levels.

Basic Blackjack: by Stanford Wong

This is possibly one of the most comprehensive guides to Blackjack basic strategy that has ever been published. There is a wealth of advice on the technique as well as a discussion on how to play all of the rule variations.

The Blackjack Zone by Eliot Jacobson

This helpful book gets right down to all of the common Blackjack techniques and gives you an idea of what works and what doesn’t. It covers various aspects of the game such as basic strategy, card counting and advantage play.

Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution

Learning effective card counting methods doesn-t come any easier than this! With the methods outlined in this book, even beginning Blackjack players can learn how to count cards in a few hours.

Blackjack Attack: by Don Schlesinger

Blackjack players who are looking for advanced information about the mathematical aspects of Blackjack as well as card counting should look no further than this book. Definitely one of the more experienced Blackjack player, this book may be just a little too technical for the beginning Blackjack player.

Twenty-first Century Blackjack: by Walter Thomason

There is more to Blackjack than card counting and this book aims to show you just what it is! A practical alternative to that method is clearly outlined, which is a betting system that is easy enough for anyone to learn and remarkably simple to use.

Knock-Out Blackjack: by Olaf Vancura Phd.,and Ken Fuchs

If you are looking for a way to learn card counting in as simple a way as possible, you will find this book a valuable guide. Simple enough for even inexperienced players to follow, it is nevertheless effective enough for Blackjack veterans to learn from as well.

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