I once removed my panties for a man who was on a hot streak at a craps table at a casino in Vegas. He offered me $500 dollars for them. They were pink. And they were from Frederick’s of Hollywood.

He told me he needed my panties to keep his lucky streak alive. At first I just thought he was coming on to me. But the look in his eyes, almost desperate, made me think differently. For some reason this man that I had been watching win for the last 2 hours had come to the conclusion that his hot streak was coming to end.

Most gamblers don’t think this way. When they are winning they think there is nothing that they can’t do. Even when their hot steaks end they continue to gamble thinking that the hot streak will come back at any moment. This is usually their biggest mistake. My philosophy has always been to quit while you are ahead. Walk away from the table while the streak is still going on. And never look back.

This fellow thought the opposite from most gamblers. He was sure he was about to lose. I guess he was a realist. He was desperate to keep the streak alive. And he had fixated on my panties.

I was young and foolish at the time and I was in love with the romance of gambling. I told the man that I would give him my panties. And that I would give them to him for free. All he had to do was to send some of his luck my way.

I walked into the casino bathroom and removed my panties. When I walked back to the craps table I dropped my panties in his lap. He gave me a big pearly white smile, kissed my hand and told me that I was lady luck.

I left the craps table and went over to the Black Jack table. That night I won big. It was one of the biggest win nights of my young life. Was it because the craps player on a hot streak sent some luck my way? I don’t generally believe in luck when it comes to gambling. I believe in a damn good gambling system that has been tried and tested.

But then again, if it was luck, all it cost me was a $40 dollar pink pair of panties from Frederick’s.

The man at the craps table continued to win that night. Was it because of my panties? I don’t think so. But I wonder what would have happened if I had not worn panties to the casino that night?

(c) Pamela Pompeii

By Pamela Pompeii
Pamela Pompeii is the resident article writer at http://www.gambleonthis.com

She is presently working on her first novel called ‘Lady Luck is a Harlot’.