The online casino is also known as the virtual casino or the Internet casino. Actually these casinos are the new online versions of the traditional casinos. A casino that you can access online enables the gambler or the player to play and gamble on the casino games using the Internet. These particular casinos generally offer the odds and payback percentage that are easily comparable to the land-based casinos.

The online gambling industry now has become one of the most rapidly growing industries. They are also implementing the technology to re-create the richness, grandeur and the glamour in the casino world. The origin and development of the online casino came about from a combination of developments. In the 1970s gaming software started to make its presence significant in land-based casinos. During this period of time the slot machines that were based on the computer software, started to replace the electromechanical slots. This was the first step in terms of using advanced technology.

The second factor was the development of the software for the blackjack strategy. This was developed by the professional card counters in the 1970s. After some time, in 1994, the third factor that was developed was in relation to the regulatory mechanisms that needed to be implemented for online gaming. In order for online gaming and online casino’s to kick off, there needed to be a combination of these three developments. Microgaming was considered to be leading the field and microgaming first developed the software that was needed for online gaming to surge ahead.

But to start the full-fledged online version, there was specific security required that would enable people to make transactions over the Internet. This component for the security was then provided by Cryptologic. Cryptologic is an online security software company that was founded in 1995 in Ireland. This started to develop the eCash application for the online gaming and transactions. So we can say that it was the Cryptologic that finally enable online gaming to begin, in a safe and secure manner.

So the casino industry, both online and off, has not looked back since that period in time. Now it appears that the online version of gaming has become extremely popular all over the world. It can be participated in for recreational purposes, or for those who enjoy trying to earn some extra money in this manner. If you look online, you will find that you can choose from a variety of games, such as Roulette, Craps, Blackjack, Poker, Slot Machines and Baccarat, to name a few.

There are many bonuses that are also offered by these online gaming sites. These bonuses may include signup bonuses, sticky bonuses, cash back bonuses, casino lottery, comp points and so on. The signup bonuses and the play incentives bonuses are usually offered when signing up or when you open an account with them.

The online casinos are currently becoming a great way to earn money. Anyone can make the money from it if you know what to do that is!

By Vickram Chandrer
Vickram Chandrer is an online betting writer specialising in online casinos.