Having been a roulette dealer and player for over 30 years I have encountered numerous roulette tricks that forms part of players game plan. These approaches at winning roulette vary in many ways. From betting patterns using even money bets, doubling bets on loss and limiting gains and losses for the day make up just a few of those roulette tricks that they say. However the problem still remains at the hands of the gambler as he or she is to effectively use it to the letter. It calls for focus of attention and total dedication on a roulette trick that is to be implemented, for this is the very reason that separates success from failure.

An effective way to win roulette is the use of doubling bet after each loss. This is one way of getting back at losses in quick fashion, however doubling bet on every loss only applies to even money bets.

There are 3 even money bets in roulette, these are: 1. color bets consisting of red and black 2. Odd and even number bets 3. Low number group which compose of numbers 1-18 and high number group consist of numbers 19-36. Having 3 even number bets will most certainly help players win in a short period of time especially if one set his winning goal at a low level. This is so, as it is realistic and easily achievable.

Before you start to use double your bet strategy make sure to account the number of times doubling bet can be employ before going over the maximum bet limit. These way players can gauge if doubling bets are applicable in a particular casino. Usually you can double bets up to 5-6 times prior to hitting over maximum limit.

The probability of 5-6 straight losses is remote but this could happen. Making use of the other 2 even money bets can negate whatever losses might transpire in the long run. Exposure to heavy losses using 3 even money bets simultaneously is a possibility nevertheless losing 5-6 times on each even money bet all at the same time rarely happens. In other words when was the last time you

By Arlene Matienzo
Author is a freelance writer whose articles focuses on finance, casino and golf. Her vast experiences as a finance officer, casino dealer and avid golfer really speaks well of her subject articles.