It is now very easy to access your favorite roulette game. With a webcam casino online, you can play roulette on the web anytime you want, wherever you are. The concept of the roulette game is actually very simple, but it is simpler in theory than in practice. The point of the game is to guess where the ball will land. The main secret lies in placing your bets because your success in the game depends on the bets you make. The main thrill, however, lies in the rotation of the wheel and the ball that is thrown in.

A roulette table has 37 different pockets, all of which represent a particular value. Webcam casinos online offer different roulette plays on the web. You can choose to play the European version or the American version. It is more advisable to play the European version, which has only 37 pockets, one of which is a zero. The original roulette game started with no zeros at all, but the zero was only added later on to increase the house advantage. When roulette was popularized in the United States, another zero was added, thus increasing the house advantage further. If you have a choice in the matter, make sure to go for the European version.

There are several types of bet you can make in roulette. You can place straight bets, split bets, street bets, corner bets, and five-number bets. You can also bet on an entire column, which is a column bet. You can bet on first twelve, second twelve, and third twelve, which are called dozen bets. You can bet inside or outside, high or low, black or red, and odd or even. Each type of bet is equivalent to different payout rates. You can make any of these bets, as long as you adhere to the maximum and the minimum betting limits. The betting limit for each roulette game varies per table.

There are no tips that can guarantee one’s success in the roulette table. However, since the ultimate test lies in the bets you place, the roulette betting system has been analyzed over and over again. Different betting strategies have been devised by experts and game fans, but even Albert Einstein conceded by saying that roulette is practically unbeatable. There is what is called the Martingale betting strategy. When a player uses the Martingale betting strategy, he will simply double the amount of his wager following every loss he experiences. However, the strategy seems faulty in the long run. Aside from the Martingale betting strategy, there is what is known as the dopey experiment, published by a Los Angeles Times editor, which explains how best to spend a single roulette session to keep losses away. Even the Fibonacci sequence has been used to try and come up with an effective strategy for roulette. When studies about the concept of numbers and probabilities did not work, the roulette fans turned their attention to the movement of the wheel, hoping to find some means on how to make it work to their favor. Some wheels tend to lose balance as time goes by, so land casinos face the extra challenge of maintaining their roulette tables properly. Although the traditional online casinos are not affected by any damage or inclination of the actual roulette tables, the webcam casino online play on the web is, since the live dealer games are based on a game at an actual table.

No matter how much people try to decipher and unlock the secrets of roulette, the fact remains that roulette is very exciting and unpredictable, and it has continued to elude the attempts to uncover its secrets. If you want to play a spontaneous and exciting game of roulette, you can easily engage in webcam casino online play on the web.

By Dan Roberts II
Dan writes original informative articles about many of the live online roulette that are now available in the UK ans in Europe. You can even live roulette casino with real live dealers from your home.