Are there secrets in Roulette? You may probably think otherwise, on the contrary there are secrets behind this casino game of roulette. Like most things in earth each have its secrets, even people have secrets and most of us don’t want these secrets to be heard by others. But all of us love to know those secrets and use it to our advantage. And this is our purpose of discussion on Roulette secrets. Know the underlying secrets beneath the roulette.

Winning is the ultimate goal in gambling and having an ace up your sleeve will boost your chances to bring home cash in frequently fashion. I have seen many a times players betting randomly, without any patterns, plans, or practice before entering the doors of these perpetual money making machine establishments. This is one of roulette’s secrets that you must know. A player needs to have a plan of action on how these gaming strategies will be. Where to place bets and how much are his bets are taken into consideration. A plan of action is therefore inherent on the individual in order to win. Moving on, practice is another essential thing a player needs to do. As they say practice makes perfection and so does your game.

One roulette secret players ought to know is the use of double your bet after each loss. This is an effective roulette tactic not often employed by roulette players. However it is a fact that double your bet on every loss is a fast way to recoup losses. Firstly bear in mind this roulette tactic is applicable on even money bets only, and there are 3 of them in roulette. Players are further reminded in double your bet roulette tactic calls for knowing the number of times double your bet can be use without going over the maximum limit. A good 6-7 usage of this roulette technique is safe for you hardly encounter 6-7 consecutive losses. And lastly players are urged to stay on the same bet all throughout this betting process. The reason behind is simple; it increases your chance of winning. The probability of having consecutive losses decreases as you continue with the same bet.

They argue that even though they bet on such high odds payout, gamblers do bet on even money payout simultaneously. There you have it, betting on even money odds plus high odd payout means you will still end up on the negative side of your finances. Wins on even money bets cannot cover your losses for your high odds bets. Let us put it this way, you bet $1 on high odds plus $10 on even money odds, even if you win on the even money, you still lose by a $1. On the other hand if you lose on even money odds you sink deeper and faster into financial woes. Now isn’t this roulette secret worth remembering?

There are gambling expert who says to me secrets also exist in roulette wheels. These experts are firm in their belief that they are betting their lives on it. I shout back and said to prove these allegations. Firstly wheel manufacturers specify spinning must be above specified speed in order to produce unpredictable results. Secondly, roulette balls are to complete at least 4 revolutions prior to its fall. These two secrets are very revealing. We all know in case of a wheel bias certain number or a small group of numbers always win, and then the principle of roulette’s unpredictable is thus defeated. These biases will impact greatly on casinos finances.

Gaining a foothold on roulette secrets certainly gives players an edge over the rest. Players must make use of these secrets. Nothing else follows except cash on your pockets.

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By Arlene Matienzo
Author is a freelance writer whose articles focuses on finance, casino and golf. Her vast experiences as a finance officer, casino dealer and avid golfer really speaks well of her subject articles.