As someone with definite beliefs,this is a problem that keeps popping into my mind. Particularly as i have always gambled and now operate several gaming review sites.

So is gambling a sin? Well maybe yes in some circumstances,but certainly not in most situations.

Who would say that bingo for example is a sin and should be discouraged? The image of bingo is changing fast,and is now a popular,particularly online,destination for fashionable young ladies(still overwhelmingly a game played by females),where they can socialize,chat and make friends. The actual games are just a part of the overall enjoyment of a night online playing bingo.Also the stakes are relatively small.The site has to be maintained,the games organized,and the whole set up monitored and updated.The small stakes just facilitate the continuation of the whole operation.The players are happy,and the organizers are content to provide this service for a modest profit.

What is the difference to playing bingo under those circumstances,and say joining a photography club,where fees are paid to join,with the benefits that are then provided?.I can see no real difference between the two examples,and under the circumstances the thought of declaring playing bingo as sinful is pretty ludicrous.

Also into this harmless category comes the lotteries and sweepstakes run by governments,individual states,organizations,and often by churches and charities themselves.Who would condemn these sweepstakes as sinful ?.The stakes are very modest,most players accept that they will lose(the odds are usually lousy!),but are happy to participate as the profits are donated to worthy causes.

If it is accepted that some forms of gambling are acceptable to the public,why or how can other forms of gambling be classed as sinful and should somehow be outlawed or at least discouraged.It has to be,i feel,all or nothing.Either gambling is ok or evil incarnate.There can be no blurring of lines,just yes or no.

The examples of bingo and sweepstakes are of course one end of the spectrum.The more worrying forms of gambling would include casinos,horse and sports betting,poker,slots and similar games.With these games there is more responsibility placed onto the player.Unlike lotteries or bingo,the betting possibilities keep coming,there is no limit or lack of opportunities to continue playing non stop.The onus now is for the player to show some composure and self control.

Objectors to gambling will maintain that this is unfair on weak-willed players,and can cause addiction right through to ruin and misery.

However it is just no good blaming the games themselves.It is the player who oversteps the line who is at fault.They and they alone are to blame for the predicament they place themselves in.I would guess that 95%(maybe more) of gamblers choose and play their game sensibly,with a great deal of pleasure,and win or lose modest stakes.Why should the vast majority be deprived of harmless fun just because that other tiny proportion cannot control themselves?.

Is this point of view harsh and unfeeling ?.Well maybe,but there are always casualties in all pastimes.

Do we stop people drinking alcohol ?.Alcohol must cause more misery,ill health,and despair than gambling could ever be accused of creating.Again you cannot pick and choose who or when anyone should be allowed to drink alcohol(you might say a glass of wine with dinner is ok,but spirits at breakfast – oh no) – again you have to decide.It is either ok or not to allow alcohol to be sold,there can be no prevarication.Again some unfortunate people will become casualties,but the vast majority will enjoy sensible drinking.The same case could be made for junk food.Great if you limit it to an occasional treat,but eat that stuff twice a day and you are going to pay a big price eventually.

Most gamblers are not consumed with greed and gamble so that they will win vast amounts of money hoping that they will be able to lead a life of debauchery and excess with their ill gotten gains.No,i believe most gamblers actually appreciate that they will lose overall,and are just happy to enjoy those rare winning days,and accept losses with good grace knowing that this is their hobby and harmless enjoyment.

So what is my conclusion?.

Is gambling a sin ?.No i honestly do not think it is.

By David Parkinson at British Betting and Gaming Sites……best 10 gaming sites……….easyplaygames

By David Parkinson
By David Pakinson at British Betting and Gaming Sites……best 10 gaming sites……….easyplaygames