Roulette Myths

When it comes to roulette, there are very few games that rival this one when it comes to misconceptions about winning techniques. Roulette in itself is a hard game to create winning strategies because the ball being a random physical element. It is truly the closest concept to a “game of chance”. Because of that, roulette myths run rampant.

What this article will discuss are the four largest roulette myths and exactly why they do not work.

Roulette Myth #1 – Law of Averages Betting

With the law of averages, the concept behind it is that a number that is picked will eventually come up after a certain number of spins. In reality, every spin is independent of others. While it is true that every number will occur an equal amount of times over a long period of time. That could mean thousands if not millions of spins and an infinite amount of money. This is only one of several roulette myths that end up costs a lot of money. If you have any inkling of incorporating this strategy, you are better off using this with colors over numbers.

Roulette Myth #2 – Fibonacci Sequences

Another one of the major roulette myths that run rampant is the belief that there are mathematical patterns in the world of numbers that can apply to roulette play. These are known as Fibonacci and other similar math sequences. The reason why these sequences don’t work so well is because physics and not math decides where the ball falls.

The only reliable patterns that can apply to roulette are the patterns of heat (if a particular set of numbers comes up often) and commonality in the short term. If there was a math pattern to it, surely some college whiz kids would have found out.

Roulette Myth #3 – Martingale Betting Strategy

As the roulette myths continue, the Martingale strategy will often come up. The premise behind this strategy is that you eliminate long term losses by trying to recoup those losses immediately.

The reasoning is that the chances of repeat losses are low in a game of chance, so the only thing that causes a losing session is a losing streak. Therefore, you recoup that previous loss right away by doubling your bet. This simply cannot work unless there is an endless supply of money as logical as it may seem on the surface. Plus it doesn’t really do anything to increase your profits.

Roulette Myth # 4 – Board Covering Bets

Out of the roulette myths, board covering bets is probably the silliest ones out there. People or amateurs who have little understanding about roulette statistics. The reason why some people believe this is a good strategy is because if they bet a little amount of money over a bunch of numbers, they are not losing.

If you place 19 chips on the board during a spin, you will have about a 50% chance of hitting one of your targets, but most of those will only pay you 8-1 or lower. You simply lose more money than gain.

There are more roulette myths out there that will send you to the ATM, but these are some of the common ones that are prevalent.

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~Roulette Myths~

By Rachel Carney
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