Online backgammon is one of the newest trends to breathe life into the sometimes staid world of backgammon. Backgammon, in some incarnation or another, has captivated people for centuries, but there was a clear and noticeable downturn in popularity for the game before internet backgammon came about. These days, however, backgammon enjoys a widespread reawakening in the consciousness of all developed nations thanks to online backgammon downloads.

One needs only to peruse the search engines after searching for online backgammon or backgammon downloads to see just how much the popularity of backgammon has risen, when only a few decades ago it was considered a bygone relic of a dead age. Today, there are millions of people playing backgammon online in one incarnation or another. Backgammon downloads are at an all-time high, with many experts predicting the peak to still be a few years off.

Some may be curious to find that backgammon has attained such a new found status amidst the slew of more complex, graphic-intensive computer and console games that make up a large part of the internet gaming community. Clearly, though, anybody who has played the traditional game of backgammon can easily understand why online backgammon and backgammon downloads only increase the replay value of backgammon.

Backgammon is not a taxing program to even the most inferior of computers. The relative simplicity of the game makes the use of backgammon downloads, whether for online play or for single player use against a computer-controlled opponent, an easy venture to undertake. A backgammon download takes up minimal hard drive space while allowing for nearly limitless entertainment. In addition, playing backgammon online opens a world of competition to the average player. For as yet unknown reasons, it seems the majority of backgammon players are to be found online, playing in competitions for either money, fun, or a mix of the two. Someone who fancies themself a backgammon whiz may soon learn that they were but a big fish in a small pond after seeing some of the backgammon kingpins of the online world.

Most online backgammon sites are similar, but a novice to the internet backgammon world can do no wrong by visiting some of the more popular and revered online backgammon sites. These include,, and, among others. A word of caution, however: Internet backgammon is incredibly fun and addictive. Make sure that you are ready to sit for hours, enthralled in an exciting competition among the most elite of the backgammon world.

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