Online Roulette Variants – Roulette is one of the most enchanting and captivating games offered at all land based casinos and online as well. Basically there are 3 primary styles of roulette; American, European and French roulette.

American Roulette – This is played with a wheel having two zero slots (0 and 00) which benefits the house edge and additional slot makes great differences for the players.

European Roulette – This is played with a single zero (0) wheel and the same betting layout as the American version.

French Roulette – This is played with a single zero wheel. Though the appearance of the layout is different for the “outside” bets, the rules of betting remain the same. Here house edge is as low as 1.35%. Hence you can enjoy the game more and chances of your winning are always on the cards. French Roulette with a similar configuration to that of European. Governed by the ‘La Partage” regulation, allows a player to lose only half of his stake if he/she makes an even money stake and if the ball positions itself on ‘0’. Due to low house edge the game is not offered at all online casinos.

Numerous Roulette Methods are known to casino players today. These days casino offers betting variables similar to ones found in the game of Progressive Roulette, featuring increased payouts for consecutive wins on the same number. The increase for each successive win varies between casinos. However if you are a die-hard roulette player locate an online casino that does offer French Roulette and wager there. Some of the famous online casinos that offer French Roulette are Ladbrokes Casino, Spin Palace Casino and William Hill Casino.

Another variant of roulette that is offered in some online casinos is Mini Roulette. This has 13 numbers – 1 to 12 and 0. Some online casinos that offer this variant offer some bonuses to draw players to Mini Roulette. Still, would recommend you staying away from this game.

Another version of online roulette that bears mention is Microgaming Roulette royal. It has a progressive jackpot with a $1 mandatory side bet. If the same number is called five times in a row, the player hits the progressive jackpot. The house edge of the side bet is atrociously high, especially at low values.

Play yourself safe at European table. Enjoy Gambling

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