We know that there are many beginning gamblers out there wondering that where to find some real test results for Roulette Assault, the automated online roulette software.

That is why we gave this roulette system for testing to a gambling professional, Mr. Miles Terrell. He tested Roulette Assault with online casinos and here you can see what the results were. Did Roulette Assault make any money, or did it fail?

Test Process

Hello all my gambling friends! My name is Miles and I have been making my income from “gambling” for over a decade now. Some time ago these folks approached me about this roulette software program that is supposed to make you rich by playing online roulette. Well, in fact it is an automated software, so I guess you wouldn’t be the one actually playing the wheel.

They asked me if I could review and test Roulette Assault and since I’m into anything new and exciting, I agreed. So if you have been wondering whether this software works or not, well, here you can check out my results.

I decided to give Roulette Assault one month of time to show that what it is made of. This time period would surely be enough to tell whether it would be a complete scam or a solid online money maker. So I went and deposited $500 to an online casino that the Roulette Assault authors recommended. Naturally you could start with less or more, but I just believed that would be something that an average “fresh” gambler might invest.

The Results of Roulette Assault Test

After testing this automated roulette software at an online casino for one month, here are my results. Week by week.

Start, $500

1Week, $829.02

2 Weeks, $1,790.27

3 Weeks, $2,095.87

1 Month, $2,940.85

In one month Roulette assault had made me a profit of $2,440.85. Whether you find this to be a good result or not, well, I leave it up to you.

Results Summary

The software program was very easy to use even for someone like me who isn’t that familiar with computers. Since I ended up winning money with it, you could say that it at least somewhat worked, although my profits weren’t especially big. Some nice extra income though. If you want to try this roulette software, visit Roulette Assault official website.

By Miles Terrell
Mr. Miles Terrell, a professional gambler and a father of two. This was his test Of the Roulette assault, online roulette software. Mr. Terrell hopes that his test was useful to you and also wishes to thank you for reading.