Every day more then 100.000 people from all around the world play each day online poker with real money, although the poker rooms are virtual they play with real opponents. All you need in order to start playing online poker is a PC with an internet connection and a poker software downloaded on your PC from one of the many poker rooms. The player can then stay comfortable at home and play his favorite poker game, for example Texas Hold`em with pot limit $2-$4.
From the very beginning the popularity of the poker game has raised with over 2000% within the players. Poker is a competitive game with a high value of recreation and his development of popularity is because of his flexibility and comfort that is giving to the players when they play it online and another advantage for online poker is that it can be played anytime 24/7.
Poker started to be televised as a sport since the World Poker Tour started in 2002.
Not many people know that poker started to decline in the casinos few years ago. Many casinos closed their poker rooms because it was very expensive and they attracted player with other games. This things changed thanks to online poker and televised poker tournaments that brought back the poker in top of the games in casino and around the world. Also when yoy play online you have the chance to play for free. Yes for free! You can do this with a free poker bankroll.
The history of online poker is young, it started in 1998 when Planet poker started. The biggest poker room was Paradise Poker that had 80% from the poker market. The industry was small and many players had experience in traditional poker. The big explosion take place in 2002 with the first televised poker tournament (WPT) and with the innovative poker rooms such as Party Poker that where behind this big tournament called World Poker Tour. In 2003 the players traffic raised with 500%. In 2004 the online poker had an income of over one million dollars. Online poker is a profitable business, big poker rooms spend each year big amounts of money on publicity and offering register bonus and big prizes for their players. This thing sounds really good for the players.

By Glont Ionut
I’m a simply webmaster…and i love to play online games