Pachislo Slot Machines are machines which are set up in such a way that they only accept tokens in place of coins. The name Pachislo is actually the combinations of two words pachinko and slot. These machines are a cross between the classic slots and the pinball. Whenever you buy these sorts of machines you even get the tokens which could be used to put inside when you play on a machine like this.

This is also known as the skill stop game since the toggle or buttons for this game starts the reels as well as the player would need to use the stop toggle or button to stop each reel. When you are playing this game, you need to have skills to match it. It is also necessary that a person learns and understands the maximum payout that is set by the operator. This game is as challenging as the regular slot machine.

These machines are less expensive in comparison to the regular ones. These machines are manufactured in Japan and are generally found or used in the various casinos of Japan. Within a span of two years, they are then sold through various wholesalers in United States after they are repainted and cleaned properly. This machine may cost anywhere from a minimum of $ 100 and above. There have been times where these machines have even gone ahead and touched $1000.

There are a few states where a person can own Pachislo Slot Machines however it is always advisable that you check the state laws to find out if you can own one of these machines in the place where you live and also you would need to check all the various other legal formalities that would go along with so that you know what all you would need to do.

By Pankaj Gupta
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