It seems that we just need some luck to win money at the casinos, but this is not the whole true. Surely if you play the bingo or roulette, all you need is good luck and some wallets to buy tickets or chips.
But let’s see what happens when a person decides to try his luck at games like poker or backgammon.
These games require of the players an intense mental concentration, and of course not all people are able to maintain a match for hours counting the cards carefully, planning strategies and to influence psychologically to occasional rivals.

If you look at sports, those gamblers are not easily influenced by emotions. They have a detailed statistic about winners and losers of a given sport, and also know the strengths and weaknesses of each team, tennis player or car pilot. They also know that team A can be quite successful when confronted with the team B, but it shows some weaknesses when playing against the team C. Very rarely you will see these people shouting at a stadium for their favourite team. These guys are cold and steady, and have a high concentration power. Analyzing the chances of winning on a given sport is quite difficult, and requires a systematic mind to achieve some results.

Poker is another game that requires great mental concentration and much strength to withstand the pressure from opponents. This is particularly noticeable in the traditional tables, where you have to be face to face with professionals, who by all means try to intimidate the opponents. Maybe when you play online you will not have this problem, but still need to have an accurate count of the cards and a lot of skills to fell where the game is going. Be concentrate on each hand, while passing no detail is something that very few people can achieve.

Backgammon is another good example of a money game where you have to have a lot of intelligence to achieve results. This is a game of logic, strategy and mental concentration, where the player’s mental strength is tested; as there are long hours of tough competition to face in order to win the game.

When it comes to casinos and gambling there are always all kind suspicions, but in reality some casino games are a great workout to develop and maintain the mental faculties. Doctors recommend for retired people, activities such as crosswords or a perusal reading of the newspapers, but these entertainments can be replaced by some card games, backgammon and others. And who knows, maybe you can also earn good money.

By Peter
The author is the owner of an online casinos website and a researcher for the best online gambling sites