When going on a trip, many of us will take a laptop, an iphone or some similar device to keep ourselves entertained on those long journeys. What if you don’t want to be stuck reading a book or looking at a small screen with your already tired eyes?

Classic games like chess and checkers can be the solution for you, since they can be purchased in small pocket-size travel form and taken anywhere. They don’t require batteries or activation instructions or internet access. It might even so happen that you are traveling with some small children, and don’t want your journey to become something where all members of the family are sitting around, not talking but poking away at their own individual devices!

These days all we hear about is the next latest mobile smart-phone or smart- mobile computer.

Too Much Time Spent Looking at Monitors

If you are like me, you will be concerned that having kids look at screens all day long when they are only 3 or 4 years old may have detrimental effects to their eyes that nobody knows about in the long run. Even if things turn out to be harmless I believe there is more that the world has to offer children than these little devices they hold in their hands to play with all day long. It is up to the parents to guide them so they understand the other things in the world.

Classic Games to take on your Travels

Travel games like Chess, Backgammon and Tic Tac Toe are great alternatives that should be considered. Games now are packaged in very attractive colors and kids should enjoy them as much as adults.

In playing 2 to 4 player magnetic travel games it is definitely guaranteed that the family time will feel like a family again, with everyone gathering around the table or the airport lounge for some quick fun. Games like Chess have been around for almost 1500 years so don’t be convinced that it’s suddenly too ‘low tech’ for everyones tastes and decide it will be too boring to play.

Variety is Important

Even if you don’t have a little travel game you may play games such as Rock Paper Scissors or Hot and Cold to liven things up. The point is not to stick with just the same game. Kids can even get bored of their ipads, believe it or not.

The more variety of experiences through these games children have, the better. And you won’t have to bring all those extra battery packs along too!

By Jade Shing
Jade Shing

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