Tired of going out to your favorite casino place? Can’t help living the day without playing roulette? Why not try the online roulette system right in the comfort of your own home?

You heard it right. Roulette can now be played online. All you have to do is just to set up your computer, hook it up to the internet, and presto, you’re good to go. Indeed, times have changed so much and casino games never lose the steam to go along with the flow. And nowhere has this hype been more exciting than at the sight of the wheels spinning hard on your virtual casino.

A little backgrounder is called for to let you know how roulette evolved as to what it is now. It was commonly believed that the Roman armies were the first roulette players. Using the chariot wheels with an arrow at the center of it, they would propose a game and then spin the wheel until the winner is known. A different roulette version was also practiced by the Greek soldiers where instead of the wheel, they utilized shields in spinning.

Later, the idea of rotating wheels swept across Europe – particularly in France. The concept took new form after Blaise Pascal invented a rotating machine. Soon, the game reached up to Germany and Monte Carlo. With its rapid popularity then, the idea of European roulette became known.

Across the Atlantic, Americans devised their own roulette game, too, during the 19th century at the height of the Gold Rush. While the game rules are the same, the American brand of roulette has two zeros, making the house more advantageous, while its European counterpart has only one. Thus the two forms of roulette games developed – the American Roulette and the European Roulette.    

Today, roulette has even made significant inroads when it tapped the internet. Online, players can now place their bets, win or lose games, in just a few clicks. This allows roulette aficionados all over the world to converge in a virtual world without having to see, touch or talk to each other. Now a thriving online industry, the popularity of online roulette system has been growing steadily each day, showing no signs of stopping. In face, the prevalence of online casino sites ensures that even people living in places where there is no casino in sight will have access to a roulette system, provided that they have an internet capable device and at least a wi-fi hotspot.

By Larry Dolson
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