There’s poker and then there’s POKER. The major difference between online poker and casino poker is not only the atmosphere but the way poker is played. If it’s legal where you live then it’s just a matter of hopping in the car and driving to the casino but of course, you have to dress up if you want to enter the casino. At home with online poker you can play in your shorts or naked if you want to.

There is a disadvantage of online poker because it is played at a much faster rate than casino poker especial if you’re a beginner. When playing at a casino there’s the socialising with other player but in online poker rooms you only have the chat box which gives you enough time to say “good play” or something similar. Each hand goes very fast—it almost gives you a sense of urgency to play faster. Playing at a casino every hand is almost casual and there is no rushing for the player to make their bet. Unlike sitting down with friends to play poker, playing online poker is hard to “feel” your opponent out or see their facial expression. Their “poker face” is a computer screen that protects the psyche of the game. You can’t read them but then again they can’t read you either. So it’s a tossup there. However, for the beginner it’s a new beginning. The beginner can sit and play online poker without the fear of intimidation of seasoned players. The newbie will have a fighting chance of not only learning the game but actually winning once in a while. They can also work on their “poker face” for when they do go visit a casino. Most online poker casinos are honest but there is the chance of others players communicating with other players to tip the game in their favour. It doesn’t happen often but it does happen-usually unknown to the online casino. However, when they (the casino) does find out about it the players are banned for life.

One of the major advantages of playing online poker is the betting. In a casino you have to play the house bet per table. So if the table is set to $100 ante you have to have that much to play at that table. With online poker there is a set rate per table. If depends on which casino you go to but some start at pennies and go up to more than $100. As long as you have an Internet connection and a computer you can play online poker 24 hours a day. Otherwise you have to get dressed, find a casino and drive there to play a game of poker. Playing online poker is a lot of fun and it helps to improve your technique and poker playing. You also get the advantage of practicing your poker face without anyone reading you.

By stickystebee