Game of roulette is still very popular all around despite the popularity of the slot games in recent days. While land based casinos prefer to have the slot games mainly because they make much more money with much less efforts in it, live dealer roulette games are still one of the most popular online games. Thus while the land based casinos are cutting on the roulette tables replacing them by slot games, online casinos are clinging to roulette games to attract more and more players to their sites.

To add to the attractions they come up with divergent versions of the roulette games online. At the same time they also provide several jackpots and other prizes to keep the players glued to the online casino rooms longer. The downside of it is that many players consider roulette as one of the most complicated gambling games. Reasons for their feelings are that the game is largely dependent on luck and less on your expertise and skill. The feeling is a big departure from the truth. In fact the game of roulette is easier in comparison to both the slot and keno games.

In case you still carry some doubts and apprehensions about the live dealer roulette games you can do well with the guides for the purpose. There are several variants of the game and you can get online guide books as well technical support from experts and casino support teams who would come up with good hints and tips for you.

You will find multiple top casinos online that will provide you with this version of online gambling games. Live dealer roulette is one of the most popular games you have. Casinos cling to it since the game is heavily tilted to house advantage and not so much for individual player advantage. Your advantage however in this form of the game is that you can see and listen to the live roulette dealer online. You can also get into chatting online with the co-players as well as the live dealers. Several attractive offers come up with the live roulette games for you. They include $500 bonus or 10 free deals; $600 green bonus; planting a tree promo; $888 free bonus and 10 free games; and even $2400 bonus. The only restriction in the game is that it is not available for US citizens since gambling in any form is prohibited for them.

Basically a game of chance and luck very little skill is involved in the game of roulette. The game also does not have any memory. A wheel, a ball, and the layout with a croupier spinning the wheel and clearing the winning and losing bets are all about it.

Online roulette game is normally played by purchasing the chips. These chips are normally color coded and each of the players is allotted one particular color so that the house can easily identify the bets. Values assigned to the chips are dependent on the choice of the player. You could either select the value on the basis of the minimum and maximum indicated. The indications come in form of sign at the side of the wheel. On finalization of the value of the chips you are armed to play the game of live dealer roulette online.

Some people shrink away from the game as they feel they cannot leave everything to chance or luck. However, it is well said that “no risk no gain” and “fortune favors the brave”. After all taking a little risk may not be detrimental to your financial health and well being.

By Dan Roberts III
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