Gambling latest news: Addiction unleashed.

Resent researches have found that online gambling is about 10 times more addictive than compared to other types of gambling. One of these researches conducted by the Nottingham Trent University studied about 9000 gamblers. Their lifestyles and preferred methods of gambling were also studied. There have been numerous interesting findings.

 About 5 percent of the internet users are into online gambling.

 It was found that internet gamblers are more likely to be single, young men.

 Most internet gamblers have similar habits of drinking and smoking heavily.

Conservatives have already claimed earlier in this year that the addiction to online gambling has drastically increased after the Government amended its rule relaxing restrictions under which the online gambling sites had to operate till then. The Government allowed the free advertising of web gaming sites. About 14 million more people were found to gamble online in 2007 after the advertising rules were amended.

According to the latest estimates of the Gambling Commission in UK about 7.4 percent of online gamblers develop addiction for the game. This addiction is so developed it usually very hard to let go. In 2008 about 3.36 million adults (which is about 5.6 percent of the total population) are involved in online gambling. Thus online gambling addiction is one of the most prominent gambling latest news.

This addiction is affecting the sanity of the people. Some shocking gambling latest news will testify for this. Recently an addicted Gambler tried to kill his wife by running a Sandwich van over her. This way he could get money against a life insurance in her name. This man was addicted to gambling and was in huge debt. So this was his desperate last move.

In another case a catholic priest was found guilty of stealing more than $300,000 from St. Walter Parish in Roselle. His name is Rev. John Regan. He was addicted to online gambling and had to steal money in order to continue his gambling pursuits.

So, these shocking gambling latest news show us at what rate this online gambling addiction is increasing and how people lose their sanity over it.

By Bob Robert Jr.
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