The most important difference between live online roulette and Conventional Roulette is that you do not necessarily have to bet with real money! This makes online roulette something everyone can play. Of course for those of you who want to bet real money and have the liberty to do so, there are options as well! So now you do not have to check your pockets before you start betting!

You do not have to be in America to play American roulette or in Europe to play the European version of it! You have the choices of playing whichever version of the game, from wherever you are. So if you are feeling really lucky go for a game of American roulette or else bet at a game on French roulette where you have slightly better odds at winning. At a conventional casino you might only be faced with one kind of wheel while live online roulette allows you to play the wheel you are most comfortable with. Of course, nothing can replace the real experience of a casino, with all the vivid sights and fancy decorations, not to mention the flashing machines with strange sounds, nothing but excitement and glamour surrounding you, but online casinos offer you a decent dummy of the real casino experience. Computer programs are amazing nowadays and live online roulette software is advanced. Not everyone has the money or chance to go play a real game of roulette but at least everyone can try their luck at online roulette, no matter where you are or who you are.

Another advantage that live online roulette has is that you get to avoid jostling in the crowd to grab space! Casinos are reputed to be crowded places with all sorts of people and activities that one may want to avoid. You can sit back with cola and popcorn and peacefully plan your bets and have fun at the roulette experience! Real roulette wheels have a good chance of being rigged. Even though a lot of regulations have been adopted world over in casinos, the biased wheels are not uncommon. So you put your money at greater risk there. Of course, cheating is not impossible in online roulette but is certainly more difficult. Playing roulette online saves you a lot of calculations. You have a screen before your eyes where you can always see how much you are betting, your total loss, your total win, how much money you have, etc. Another added advantage is that you can review previous games that you have played at this wheel. This can sort of help you to decide what to bet on. Not that it ensures any better chances.

Live online roulette is also faster than its real counterpart. There are live roulette TV games that run round the clock which have tried to bring conventional roulette to you but once again they are only trying to emulate a real casino. If you ever have a chance to visit a real life casino you should go and enjoy the experience.

By Andy Fullard
The author writes for this live online roulette site which features reviews of the best roulette sites such as supercasino tv for uk residents. Check out the links and play today.