When you walk into a land-based casino, what you are going to find is that the slot machines have by far the greatest selection of anything in that casino. While there might be a couple of types of blackjack and a number of different table games (i.e. roulette, craps, war etc.) that might have just one type, the slot machines will literally have dozens of different varieties for you to choose from.
When you take that diversity online, you will find that it absolutely explodes. Where you might see fifteen different types of slot machines in a large land-based casino, you will have over a hundred to choose from regularly at a typical online casino. And just as there are more varieties of slot machines, there are more categories that those slot machines fit into.

Free Slot Machines

These are slot machines that everyone loves, because there is absolutely no risk whatsoever to them! Every single online casino has a part of their casino software dedicated to people that want to play free games and while ostensibly this is so that people can test the software in preparation for depositing money into their accounts to play the real money games, at the same time there is really nothing stopping you from going ahead and utilizing the free slot machines to your heart’s content. Free slot machines will usually be carbon copies of real slot machines, with the only difference of course being the fact that you do not need money to play them.

Conventional Slot Machines

One of the reasons that people play at online casinos is so that they can recreate the casino experience online in the comfort of their own home. And with that in mind, most online casinos will offer conventional slot machines modeled after the slot machines you might encounter in a land-based casino you visit. These machines are the classic one-armed bandits and they are readily available for your playing pleasure from most of the online casinos out there.

Video Slot Machines

These are slot machines that are of the 3-reel and 5-reel varieties, although you will also see 7-reel video slot machines depending on where you decide to play. These slot machines easily have the best graphics available of any slot machines on the market and what makes them unique is the fact that they tend to have multiple pay lines. In other words, there are more ways for you to win than simply a horizontal lining up of figures across the machine. They also tend to have bonus rounds that you can use to get additional credits and will also have wild card and scatter symbols that you can use in conjunction with multiple pay lines to have a very nice payday indeed.

Progressive Slot Machines

Last, but certainly not least, are the progressive slot machines. Each of the above categories can overlap with progressive slot machines because the only thing that denotes a progressive slot machine is the fact that it has a progressive jackpot attached to it. All kinds of slot machines fulfill that and therefore progressive slot machines are available in almost any form.

By Riza
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