Very few know how to play roulette and win. There are many roulette strategies that have been around for some time and some of them have withstood the trials of time too. The players must try to understand the game with some basic general knowledge. The main idea behind playing roulette is to do some guess work and anticipate the number on which the ball will land. The dealer who is responsible for spinning the wheel is pitied against the players. To get the payouts and in spinning the ball the dealers has a great responsibility. The dealer too has a roulette strategy that he follows though many feel this is not so. The roulette game is of two types like the American roulette with two ‘0’ slots and the European with one ‘0’ slots. Their payouts and betting rules are also different.

Roulette strategy is based on betting. Inside and outside betting are the two types of betting. If you know about the betting method then you can also play the game easily. You must be aware of the kinds of bets that you can bet on the roulette table. For any player before he goes for playing it is necessary to buy the roulette chips which is in many different colors that represents the money denomination with which the player will bet. Then the player will start placing the bet. There is no limit on betting. After the betting procedure is over now the croupier will start spinning the wheel for the ball to land. Simultaneously he announces that betting I over. The winners are actually determined on the landing of the ball. The winners will get the payouts on winning the game whereas the losers of the game will not get back anything and the casino will keep the bet money. Those who still want to play roulette keep seated and those who do not wish to, they go and exchange their roulette chips for their cash.

There are many master players who play roulette and claim that they have roulette strategies that guarantee a win. With the help of these strategies you can reduce the profits of the house to quite an extent. Just notice how others are playing the game. The pattern is formed after a few spins and it may not be 100 percent precise but you can use it to your advantage and predict the slot where the ball will land.

By Karl VCohen
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