Slot machines have evolved from being one-armed contraptions to video slots that gamblers can play through the internet. In the past, slots were used to provide entertainment to girlfriends and wives of casino patrons while they play poker, roulette, or craps. Seniors also find playing this game very entertaining.

Today, girlfriends, wives, and seniors are not the only players of slot machines as men have become fans of this game. In Nevada alone, the slot machines provide at least half of the total income from the casinos and elsewhere, it is 60 to 70% of casino revenues.

Today’s slot machines are not so different from video slots. These versions that can be played online still have the standard 3 or 5 reels, but the video slot machine of today is Flash games. This means that this software should be used for games through the internet.

These flash games are more convenient options for many people who want to gamble on a video slot machine, but are located far away from a casino or are travelling. For people who are interested in playing slots online, here is a guide on how you can easily play on it.

Different websites have different sets of rules for their players. A number of online casinos require their players to register first before playing, and other casinos allow their customers to play without registering. Some websites offer this game for people to have fun or for serious gambling. These sites will ask players to register their desired usernames and passwords when they create an account.

Sometimes, online casino gamers can play flash games without downloading any software as these can be played on flash-enabled websites. Others will ask their customers to download the software necessary for them to play the game.

Online casino players who are playing for real will be asked by the site if they wish to purchase casino credits or if they would prefer to log in to their accounts first. Some sites provide welcome bonuses for new players, as well as a certain percentage match for the customer’s first deposit. Now, these customers can play video slots. Other sites provide non-cashable bonuses, which are often a high percentage bonus, to improve the odds.

Slot machines are not only limited to three reels. They are now equipped with 5 more reels and the site’s customers can play these 5 reel versions, too. In slot machines with 3 reels, all 3 symbols should be aligned.

Others, however, have progressed from the simple three symbols in a row to much complicated combinations, such as diagonals and criss-crosses. 5 reel slots also have different combinations besides 5 symbols in a row and have come up with different combinations, also.

Before playing these video slots online, customers should remember that slots have the upper hand in this game. It may be fun and entertaining, but gambling on a video slot machine is very addictive. However, if you know when to stop and you know how to gamble responsibly (if there is such a thing), go ahead and play these flash games.

By Dean Campbell
The author is a game designer specializing in machines such as video slot machine. Many different video slots games can now be found available online.