One game you might choose to play online is that of craps. This game is one of many traditional casino games that have made its way online. While the rules of the game have little variance, the format and the method in which you need is different from traditional craps.

The game of craps is a table game. The table used features a specific layout needed for the game. The layout contains various sections that feature the types of bets that one can place on this game. To begin playing, the player must make a wager. In order to do this, the online craps game has special buttons that make this happen. Usually, you will be able to see your chips displayed right in front of you on the screen as you would if you were in a land based casino. You must simply drag or click on the chips you want to appear on the table. Don’t worry if you make an error and click too many. You can often correct this error so long as you’ve not officially placed your wager.

In some versions of the game of craps, wagers do not have to be placed first before rolling the dice. Rather in these versions wagers are placed following the first roll. This initial roll is referred to as the come out roll. In order to roll the dice, one must just simply click on a button that causes this action to occur. A random number generator helps keep the game fair by producing totally random results.

The next step that will occur depends upon the results of this initial roll. The payout is affected by these results. A seven or an eleven would mean that even money would be paid out for all pass bets. However, if a two, three or twelve is rolled, then even money would be paid out for all don’t pass bets. If any other number is rolled that has not been previously mentioned, then all the bets would stay on the craps table. No money is paid out and no bets lapse.

By Kevin Smith
Games such as craps are also very popular on online casino sites too. Poker, roulette, and slots are available to play at a number of online casinos.