Online bingo in the UK is still one of the fastest growing online gaming sectors around. Enjoying a new boom of previously untapped web savvy female audiences, along with a strong but considerably smaller male audience, plenty of bingo websites have sprung up, all offering their own spin or take on bingo.

This of course is great news for online bingo enthusiasts as there is now more choice and variety on offer to suit all playing habits than every before. The downside of course is that this also means there are plenty of undesirable sites offering nothing more than a disappointing online bingo experience.

So what should you be looking for when you first decide to play bingo online? The firs most important thing to check is whether or not the bingo site is licensed. Each bingo website must clearly display its licensing information. You can check with both the licensing body and the UK Gambling Commission if this bingo sites licensing information is indeed correct and legitimate.

Secondly, look for a reputable site that has good reviews (type ‘online bingo sites’ into Google), or alternatively ask around if you have any friends who play bingo online, word of mouth is by far the best recommendation and most bingo sites offer a refer a friend incentive whereby both you and your friend who recommended you get some form of reward. This will usually be some loyalty reward points that you can exchange for bingo tickets.

Thirdly decide what your budget is and what you are playing for. Are you just in it for fun, or are you hoping to win big prizes such as cars, holidays and cash. For those looking to spend as little as possible and in it only for the fun, look out for free bingo sites and ‘no deposit bingo’ offers.

When signing up to a ‘No Deposit Bingo’ website you’re account will be credited with some free bingo money, allowing you to play on the site without making a deposit. This approach allows you to explore and experience the bingo site like a depositing bingo player, but will limit you as to which games you can partake in the ability to win cash prizes.

‘Free Bingo Sites’ however operate on the model that, providing you make a minimum deposit into your account first, you’ll be allowed to enter their free bingo games (that is, the bingo ticket price is 0p), where real cash prizes are on offer.

Both ‘No Deposit Bingo’ and ‘Free Bingo’ websites offer the best opportunity to play bingo at very affordable prices.

If however you are more interested in joining in the popular big money games where often the full house prizes can reach many thousands of pounds then you will be wanting to look for a bingo site that offers a good welcome bonus. For instance, popular online bingo website Foxy Bingo will give you £20 when you make a deposit of just £10. This is a one-time offer and is referred to as the welcome bonus.

Lastly we think you should have a look around the bingo site and see how easy it is to get in contact with them. Good bingo websites will make it very easy to contact them, whether it is a clearly displayed phone number, email address or contact form.

Following these few simple rules will help put you well on your way to choosing a fun place to play bingo online. The main takeaway point is to always ensure the site you play on is regulated by a recognized authority.

By Bibi
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