When playing casino games, there is little you can do to actually affect your results. These are games of chance and the resulting hands or spins are purely chance happenings. However, there are a few strategies you can use that might improve your odds of winning. This is also true for slot machines.

You have probably heard someone refer to a slot machine as loose. For a slot machine to be considered loose, it would have to pay back anywhere from 97% to 98% of the wagers made to it. Loose slot machines pay out more than other slot machines. When using a loose slot machine, if you wager 100 pounds over time, you should get a return of about 97 or 98 pounds.

While all of this sounds good, it can be actually quite difficult to find a loose slot machine. Your fellow players more than likely will not share this information with you. You could ask casino staff but they aren’t always going to give you accurate information. So, if you decide to seek out a loose slot machine on your own, there are some things you can consider. Generally, progressive jackpot slot machines tend to be looser in their payout. Another bonus to honing in on the progressive machines is that typically records are kept of all the jackpot winners. You can observe a payout frequency over time. This can give you a clue as to win these machines might be paying out again.
Another good idea is checking out online slot machines. Usually these virtual machines pay out better over time than their land based counterparts. Online casinos like the soon to be launched www.sexystarscasino.com have less overhead than the brick and mortar establishments. They are able to provide better payouts to you. You can do a little research online to determine which slot machine games might be looser than others.

Using this strategy will take some work and observation on your part. Typically, in a brick and mortar casino, observation is your best method of discovering a loose slot machine. You might also observe which machines are busy more than others. This is a clue of a loose slot machine.

By Stebee
Slots are one of my favourite online casino games along with perhaps the most popular of them all – roulette!