A young boy looks up at his grandmother who nods her head with an ear to ear grin. The boy stands up and yells “BINGO”. The boy is brimming with excitement as his card is checked and then, right there on the spot, cash! Real money counted out and handed to him. The money smells like the Bingo hall, it is a good smell. Years later, when some worn money comes into the boy’s possession, he thinks about that night with Grandma. The boy is a man now and has a son of his own, it is time to give his son’s Grammy a call. It has been this way for years and so many people have memories about their first time playing Bingo.
There were the disk markers, and then the magnetic disk markers and then the ink dabbers. Each method has become nostalgic in our minds depending upon when we first experienced the Bingo hall. We remember the caller; maybe we were even lucky enough to be there on the night when our own Grandfather was the caller. Remember all those suspicious looks you got when your Grandpa called out the last square for a round robin and you yelled “BINGO”? As if you and Grandpa had some special magical powers over that spinning wire basket and those balls. The Bingo halls are still there, you see the sign out in front of the church on your way to work or to the grocery store. Give Grandma a call and tell her thank you for taking you to bingo. Even though you know that she was going whether or not you were there. Remember the smells the sights, the sounds. Now give Mom a call. Plan a nice night out alone with your spouse; your kids will have a great time with Grandma and Grandpa at the Bingo hall. You can feel really good about it too since they no longer allow smoking, it’s in a church so good manners are observed and your kids will remember it forever.

By stickystebee
The Team at Blue Square Bingo